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 Star Wars Template

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PostSubject: Star Wars Template   Star Wars Template Icon_minitimeThu Feb 02, 2017 9:33 pm

Name: (First/Last)
Gender: (Male/Female/Etc.)
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: (Hetero/Homo/Bi/Etc.)

Era: (Old Republic, Clone Wars, Galactic Civil War, New Republic)
Birth Date: MM/DD/BBY (Before Battle of Yavin) or ABY (After Battle Yavin)
Status: (Alive, Deceased, Unknown)

Species: (Mammalian, Reptilian, Plant, Insect, Hard/Soft Invertebrates, Avian, Aquatic, Craniopod) [Choose one and delete any that don't apply]

If Mammalian, Which One?: [Human, Duro, Wookiee, Cerean, Bothan, Sullustan, etc.]
If Reptilian, Which One?: [Rodian, Barabel, Trandoshan, Slith, Ssi-Ruu, etc.]
If Plant, Which One?: [Neti, Ergesh, etc.]
If Insect, Which One?: [Verpine, Fefze, Killik, Bartokk, Geonosian, etc.]
If Hard Invertebrate, Which One?: [Sauvax, Aganof, Tarc, etc.]
If Soft Invertebrate, Which One?: [Iyra, Hutt, Ee, etc.]
If Avian, Which One?: [Vor, Mrlssi, Qour’sav, Rishii, S’ktri, Tikiarri, etc.]
If Aquatic, Which One?: [Mon Calamari, Selkath, Nautolan, Quarren, Herglic, Vurk, Dellaltian, Gungan, etc.]
If Craniopod, Which One?: [Bith, Celegian, Filar-Nitzan, Pulra, etc.]

Ethnicity: [Human Only]
Blood Type:

Affiliations/Organizations: (Galactic Republic, Jedi Order, Order of the Sith Lords, Galactic Empire, etc.)
Occupation: (Jedi, Senator, Bounty Hunter, Clone Trooper, etc.)

The Character’s Appearance
General Appearance:
(Describe your character’s physical appearance with as much detail as possible. Don’t just list off words; get descriptive with how you describe your character instead of just stating their appearance.)

Handedness: (Right/Left/Ambidextrous)
(List/describe any tattoos, birthmarks, or scars that your character has on their body.)
(List/describe the jewelry and accessories that your character has.)

About the Character
(Describe the character’s personality with as much detail as you can. Don’t just list off words; go in depth with who your character is. No need to state why just yet if you don’t want to. That can be done later.)


Least Favorites:

(Describe your character’s hobbies and interests.)

(List/describe your character’s phobias/fears.)

(Describe your character’s habits.)

(Describe your character’s way of speaking or behaving.)

(Describe your character’s skills and talents.)

Best Qualities:
(Describe your character’s best qualities.)

Worst Qualities:
(Describe your character’s worst qualities.)

(Describe your character’s morals and ethics.)

(Describe your character’s goals, motivations, or dreams.)

The Character’s Relationship With Others
(Describe how others view your character.)

Love Interest(s):
First/Middle/Last Name of Love Interest (Short Statement of How Your Character Feels About Them)

Jane Doe (Has a Crush)
John Smith (Doesn’t Acknowledge Feelings)]

(Repeat If Needed)

First/Middle/Last Name of Friend

(Repeat If Needed)

First/Middle/Last Name of Enemy
Organization/Group Name of Enemy

(Repeat If Needed)


First/Middle/Last Name of Character - (Who they are to your character. Detailed description of how they met, what their relationship is/was like, and where it’s going.)

Jane Doe - John Smith’s childhood friend. This is how they met. This is what their relationship is like and where it’s currently going.)

The Character’s Abilities
Jedi?: Yes/No/Undisclosed

If Yes, Rank?: (Grand Master, Master, Knight, Padawan, Youngling)
Master(s): [If None, Delete This]

Apprentice(s): [If None, Delete This]

Color of Lightsaber: (Click Here for More Info on Lightsaber Crystals and Colors)

If No, Are They Force-Sensitive?: Yes/No/Undisclosed

Clone Trooper?: Yes/No/Undisclosed

If Yes, Number/Nickname:



Type: (Trooper, ARC, Assassins, Commando, Blaze, etc.)

Specialty: (Hacker, Sniper, Demolitions, Special Ops)

(Describe your character’s powers and/or abilities. If your character doesn’t have any, simply put “N/A” and delete what’s below before “Fighting Style.”)

Origin of Powers:
(Describe where your character’s powers came from.)
(List/Describe your character’s power element. Keep it reasonable.)

(Describe your character’s strengths with their powers.)

(Describe your character’s weaknesses with their powers.)

(Describe your character’s restrictions with their powers.)

[Ex: John Smith can breathe fire when they are angry.
Jane Doe can only fly when she is thinking about happy memories.]

Alternate Form(s):
(Describe your character’s alternate forms if they have any. If they don’t, simply delete this part or put “N/A”.)

Fighting Style:

Preferred Weapon(s):

(On a scale of 1 – 10; 1 being terrible and 10 being the best)

Knowledge: /10

Conceptualization Power: /10

Motivation: /10

Will to Act: /10

Agility: /10

Force Control: [How Well They Use the Force] /10

Swordsmanship: /10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: /10

Long Range Accuracy: /10

Piloting Skills: /10

Offense: /10

Defense: /10

Social Skills: /10

[Feel free to add/remove anything that may/may not pertain to your character.]

The Character’s Familial/Biographical Information


First/Middle/Last Name of Family (Who They Are to Character, Active/Deceased/Unknown) [Don't explain relationship here. Relationships can be explained in the "Relationships" section above.]

John Smith (Father, Active)
Jane Doe (Mother, Deceased)]

(Repeat If Needed)

Familial Background:
[Describe the family that your character belongs to, who their parents/siblings were, what life did they have, etc., etc. If you don’t wish to discuss this because of spoilers for your story, you can simply state that the story is unknown for the time being.]

Character Background:
[Describe the life story of your character. Everything starting from when they were children if possible. If you don’t wish to discuss this because of spoilers for your story, you can simply state that the story is unknown for the time being.]
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Star Wars Template
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